Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Public Purchasing Association of East Texas (PPAET),


PPAET is a sub-chapter of National Procurement Institute. Our mission is to promote the achievement of excellence in governmental and institutional procurement through education, certification, professional development and networking of its membership.


PPAET was organized in 2016 to provide opportunities for regional purchasing officials to connect with one another to share ideas, struggles and accomplishments. The goal of PPAET is to provide training, networking opportunities and support for each other.


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading regional association of public procurement professionals dedicated to establishing and maintaining high standards of education, certification, professional development, leadership and ethics.


PPAET is designed to establish collaborative relationships among members for the development of efficient purchasing methods and best practices in the areas of governmental, educational, and institutional procurements. 


Membership in the PPAET is open to any person interested in the supply management field directly related to government, education, healthcare and institutional agencies provided that such person(s) cannot be primarily engaged in sales activity; nor solicits business on behalf of such person of his or her employer during meetings of any PPAET activity.

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